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Words from other investors...

Chris has an outstanding knowledge of real estate transactions, investing and contracts. More importantly, he has an eagerness and willingness to share his knowledge and experiences with others to achieve their goals."

- Josh Davis, Real Estate Broker & Investor

"Chris Kearns is a professional whose knowledge in Real Estate is surpassed only by his integrity."

- Nick Hayes, Realtor, Real Estate Investor

"​Chris has a wide array of Real Estate experience. He has been in the trenches with houses, condos, and entire apartment complexes. He knows what to look for with an investment, how to rehab it, and understands things like zoning, too."

- Jamie Scott, IT Manager, Real Estate Investor

About Chris Kearns...

  • Chris Kearns is the founder of Better REI and has been a Real Estate investor since 2000.
  • Built a 100+ unit, $10M property portfolio in 15 years, much of it with non-traditional financing
  • Built the #1 rated Management Company in Auburn, Alabama
  • Licensed RE Broker in Alabama, his company specializes in Investment Properties.

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