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Our 4 Main Ways to get BETTER:


Video training on various subjects from the basics (7 Steps to Successful Investing) to higher level stuff (Alternative Financing, Condo Conversions, etc.)

New courses will be added to the Club based on Member demand/request.


New members get a One on One Kickoff Call to get them started in the right direction. 

We also have regularly scheduled LIVE group video calls.  Ask a question, or just listen & learn.  Busy?  The calls are recorded and available to watch at your convenience.

Investor Forum

This is the main place for Club members to ask their questions and get answers from our team and from each other.  

We share info on our favorite software tools and services, our first deal, our worst deal, and just ask each other questions on things we are stuck on.

Member Extras

This section is the largest.  It holds many of the downloadable Files & Templates, Leases, Financial Analysis tools, Business Plans, Investor Interviews, Website Templates, and more.

It also has short mini-courses on specific topics, and holds the recordings of our Group coaching calls.

About Chris Kearns...

  • Chris Kearns is the founder of Better REI and has been a Real Estate investor since 2000.
  • Built a 100+ unit, $10M property portfolio in 15 years, much of it with non-traditional financing
  • Built the #1 rated Management Company in Auburn, Alabama
  • Licensed RE Broker in Alabama, his company specializes in Investment Properties.

FAQ's about the Better Investing Club...

There's no catch... you get FULL ACCESS to ALL areas of our training, and ALL of our Files & Downloads, Business Plan training, Investor Interviews, etc.

You'll also get a link right away to schedule your 1-1 Kickoff Call, which I will do with you personally.  On this call, I can help you get past your current challenges and point you to the best resources in the Club to solve your problems and keep you moving forward!

Club Members get access to all of our stand-alone training courses and a ton of other helptul resources and training. 

This includes our #1 selling course: Alternative Real Estate Financing, plus Apartment Investing, along with Downloadable Files and Templates (Leases, Purchase contracts, Options, Business Plans, Investor Agreements) regularly scheduled Live Group Coaching Sessions, Investor Interviews, and more.

The material is broken into different sections based on topic, so Investors at any point in their career can jump right into the resources they need at the moment.  

For those just getting started, we have courses like 7 Steps to Successful Investing.  For other folks with limited down payments credit problems, or maybe they just want to bring in outside investors for bigger properties, we have a course on Alternative Real Estate Financing.  If you already have experience and want to tackle new challenges, we have training on Apartment Investing, as well as other topics like Student Housing or Condo Conversions.  Need to sell and reduce your tax bill?  Learn the process of using 1031 Exchanges to trade up to a bigger property.

Short answer: The Club has training and resources for Investors at all levels, and we'll continue to add material as time goes on.

We've already had one price increase, but right now the  membership is only $99/month for full access to all the material.  Whatever price you start at is the price you keep for as long as you want to stay.  To be clear, as we grow the membership and raise the price for new members over time, your price will still be $99/month.

There are no "tiers" or levels.  Every members gets full access to all the same training, resources, and group calls.

You may cancel your membership in the Better Investing Club at any time.  Right off the bat in the "Getting Started" section there are clear instruction on how to cancel in just a few clicks.  We've made sure there's no complicated process, because we think you'll want to stay - we won't have to trick you into staying.

That's a good question.  The Files and Templates are definitely downloadable. They are usually Microsoft Word or Excel files, so you can take them and edit them to suit your needs.  

That includes simple things like Applications, Leases, and Deposit Refund Forms.  But it also includes more advanced things like Lease/Option contracts, Private Investor Agreements, and the Business Plans we used to bring in over $1M from Private Lenders and get millions of dollars of bank loans for our apartment projects.

The videos in the lessons are not available for download, but almost all of them have separate audio tracks that are downloadable, so you can take them with you to the gym or on a road trip.

That is entirely up to you.  Our material is all self-guided, so we won't be slowing you down if you want to binge on it and move through quickly.  Or maybe you just want to hop in and out of a course and get answers when you get stuck.

But there is also plenty of opportunity for interaction and Q&A's.  We have an Investor Forum for you to share your wins, ask questions, and help others figure things out.  We also have regularly scheduled LIVE video Q&A calls for you to bring questions or just listen in and learn from other Investors on the call.

Start your FREE 7 day trial today!

Then just $99/mo, cancel at ANY time.


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